Mathematical planning technology successfully transforms decision-making in many business and non-profit contexts. We have developed mathematical optimization solutions for a variety of industry customers.

Arena Capacity Planning

Our algorithms maximize stadium seat capacities under varying social distancing rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hajj picture

Crowd Safety Planning

We developed a smart scheduling approach for the dispatching operations at the great Islamic pilgrimage - one of the largest pedestrian problems in the world.

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Locomotive coordination

Train Fleet Coordination

Our mathematical optimization solution intelligently coordinates train fleets to deliver significant energy cost savings.

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Warehouse management

Warehouse Management

We provided optimal warehouse space allocation plans to minimize order picking costs for a large wholesaler in Switzerland.

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Production planning

Strategic Resource Planning

Our strategic resource planning system optimizes and simulates production resources from brewhouse to warehouse at a large european brewery plant.

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Districting example

Districting Decision Support

We provide systems that simultaneously optimize location decisions and district layouts to maximize cost efficiency in sales operations.

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