Sport-Arena Capacity Planning

How do you fill the seating blocks in your arena?


Demand of varying group sizes (2, 3, 4, or more people) want to sit together in your stadium. Safety buffers around each group are mandatory due to anti-pandemic regulations. We maximize your venues fill rate with respect to all safety distancing regulations. We calculated the seating plan for the football club 'VfL Osnabrück'.


  • Stadium block layouts
  • Groups sizes and demands
  • Required group distancing rules
  • Optionally group priorities (VIP, donors, ...)


  • Mathematically optimized seating plan
  • Extended scenario analysis
  • How many seats can be used under various distancing policies


Consider this explanatory block of a venue. The objective is maximizing the fill rate while adhering all safety distancing regulations.


  • Available seat
  • Aisle seat
  • Blocked area

Solution with increased safety

138 seats used (21.9%).

  • Minimum distance
    • 2 rows vertically
    • 2 seats horizontally
    • 1 seat diagonally
  • Empty seats next to aisle
  • Maximum of 2 spectator groups per row

Solution with increased fill rate

237 seats used (37.6%).

  • Minimum distance
    • 1 row vertically
    • 1 seat horizontally
    • 1 seat diagonally
  • Seats next to aisle available
  • No limit for spectator groups per row
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